Preparations for EDAIC: part 1

 The preparation is always a difficult process. Whether it is for a game or a play, all has to pass through this most difficult period of life. But all we need is a plan. Without plan this difficult process is going to be a hell of life on this plant earth. 

So I'm enumerating here my plan - 

1. First thing is to do question solving

There are lots of question papers, suggestion and books in the market. Most papers are on FRCA part 1. Yes it's very helpful for EDAIC and our preparation process is almost same. But it would be wise if your subscribe in the online platforms for question solving, it is because of it's constant up-gradation.

I would suggest BMJ OnExamination.

2. Books

There is no alternative to read books and find a shortcut way to solve the problem. I would suggest the least following books for the preparation. 

  • Physiology: Basic physiology for Anaesthetist 

  • Pharmacology: Pharmacology for Anaesthesia and Intensive care 

  • Physics and Instrument: Essentials of equipments in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Perioperative medicine 

  • For overall coverage, keep all time beside yourself for every breath 

3. How to study

You can follow various methods. Adopt which suits you. 
Suppose you are studying the topic of "Hypothermia"

Method 1 - 
☑️ Study the topic from physiology book
☑️ Review Textbook of Anaesthesia 
☑️ Question solve 

Method 2 - 
☑️ Go through the question 
☑️ Study the explanation in Onexam 
☑️ Review physiology book 
☑️ Review Textbook of Anaesthesia 

Method 1 is for those who are new in this field. Problem is you cann't find the desired question on topic basis in Onexam. You have to search and tag it for future practice. 

Method 2 is for players who are playing for a quiet bit long time in this field. 

4. Notes

This is one of the most important thing you have to manage. Keep your notes in one place. Don't make haphazard decisions.  

5. Is there any suggestions 

Yes, It's coming soon. 


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